Web design and developpement App Facebook

Christmas 2012, the Group launched the Fnac Fnacwishlist application. Designed and conducted by the agency cgoandco, it offers to clients the possibility to create and share their gift lists on Facebook.

Client / Project


Project: a Facebook application to promote catalog Fnac Development

The idea is simple and meets an essential need: to suggest the gifts you like (and nothing else)! Service pool, a reminder of friends birthday and Fnac suggestions  complete the offer. With a catalog of more than 8 million records including the marketplace, new worlds: deco, home and kids, you can choose to prepare a Fnacwishlist of Hell!

Our work

On the occasion of Christmas and New year, Fnac Group launches November 8 (2012) Fnacwishlist Facebook application. Designed and developed by the agency cgoandco in just 30 days, mobile and web version, this application offers an alternative to the perennial headache of choosing gifts. The agency has also helped launch the application to web influencers in France. They talk about: freshnews.fr, Luxsure, iThink

The agency  cgoandco offers both the monitoring the application use and the audience analysis on the social web for France during holiday season.

Our competence

  • Facebook application development
  • Web design & mobile
  • Bloggers and communities promotion