Information, animation, relation, performance

cgo & co assists companies in the implementation of their editorial and social media strategy with the creation of  information that can interest customers, prospects, partners, employees flux. Frequency, format , relevance and publication are planned, categorized and measured – interviews , photos, videos, graphics , slides … We also work occasionally or periodically for the creation and revision of digital projects.

Create content and animate the relationship

Content created primarily answer to information’s need and people relations. Efficiency, quality , synchronization platforms  affect brand sales and image. These platforms must meet the engagement requirements and everyday performance as in marketing campaigns. Created content and how it will be animated adapts to the adopted digital platform: mobile website , application, different communities on networks … Every brand has a public, its own specific characteristics and requirements in terms of animation.

Synchronizing marketing times multichannel route ROPO

Why create an online catalog without both technical specifications and a sharp marketing, without synchronized animation between social networks and in-store sales? Consumers use platforms and devices available online both in-store and mobility.

We set up an editorial and social media management for every project. Performance measurement tools via our network analysis and support marketing campaigns complement our offer. We focus on the relevance and consistency of information and action plans, creativity modes of engagement , organization and efficient tools.