Conversation analysis and Brand relations

The interpenetration of the relationship in stores, via mobile , web and social networks requires adapting its creative campaigns and tactical operations to use. According to a McKinsey study, two – thirds of the potential of social networks are still underutilized in their particular enterprise integration. Sharing and internal collaboration are reflected in customer relations and co-creation in general. It is well here social CRM , the consumer is at the center of the device of the relationship. It is not enough to add a Facebook page or Twitter feed to the general strategic plan.

Organization , planning, scriptwriting

According to their needs, cgo & co accompanies its clients  in preparing and organizing their social media strategy in the context of a special   marketing operation or an annual international corporate presence.

Definition and validation of objectives, identification of content, flow sharing and engagement means, cgoandco acts on the flow planning, preparation of multiple information formats (videos , photos, iconography), curation tools, annual communication operations … The agency prepares scenarios, identifies internal relays, uses and aggregates feeds from different platforms, identify influencers. cgo & co assists its clients at every step to make the best tactics.

Listen and advice

The analysis of conversations and the identification of influencers, partners, employees, journalists, experts … are a prerequisite to meet the audience needs at the right time and the right place. This identifies the favorite subjects, to speak on the expertise of the company. Analysis tools are numerous and they are included more and more to the flow of business. They move very quickly in an international context. Whatever solution is chosen, it is still necessary to sharpen setting and give meaning to the data. We take care according to the needs of our clients, everyday conversation analysis, the choice of the analysis tool to integrate or we use the services of the two platforms which the agency subscribes : Socialbakers and Brandwatch .