Management and social web content creation for Europe and France / Belgium Community Management!

Revisiting their global presence on social networks and after a long selection process, the Mayborn Group, owner of brands Tommee Tippee ®, Sangenic ® … relies on cgo & co agency for managing and creating contents for social networks in Europe.


Client / Projet

Tommee Tippee EMEA + France + Belgium

Projet : cooperation and integration of the international social media plan.

Mayborn manufactures and distributes childcare products of international reputation, via Tommee Tippee brand. The choice was made to develop the quality of its actions (consistency, content quality, trade monitoring) on social networks correlated to the redefinition of the brand values​​. User guide, agencies and team selections, flows organization, analysis and exchange tools, everything is ready for launch actions from April 2014.

Our work

cgoandco plans, prepares contents to share in European countries in cooperation with international and regional marketing teams. The agency also works with Social Media agencies in each country (Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, UK) , in order to monitor the content effectiveness. Our work also includes France and Belgium community management: bloggers relationship, monthly planning, integration of data analytics tool and monthly reporting of actions.

Our competence

  • International account management
  • Original content creation
  • Community Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social Media Purchase advertising space